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Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot Excerpt from Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot

by Bruce and Andrea Leininger with Ken Gross

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Bruce had staged a fighting retreat from the wild conjectures over the meaning of his son's nightmares. He had dug in and insisted that, whatever they were, they were not proof of a past life. Yet, he had lost the battle over the name, Natoma Bay -- it was an American ship, not Japanese. Jack Larson turned out to be a real person who flew off of a real aircraft carrier. The knowledge his son had of airplanes and flying was uncanny; the battles in the Pacific were real and the veterans vouched for the details. Finally, he had to accept that James Huston was the pilot who was killed in his son's horrific nightmares.

Still, he had held out over the fact that James insisted that he flew a Corsair in the war and no Corsairs were reported on Natoma Bay. And now that last bunker had fallen. He had the picture of James Huston standing in front of a Corsair.

He was starting to believe in something beyond reason.

I was baptized and raised as a Methodist. I grew up going to church every Sunday with my mother and sister. My father had very little to do with church. Church is a place that makes me feel comfortable, safe, welcome.

In college, my attendance slipped, but I went to church with friends of different denominations -- to see what they were like. I went to Buddhist Temples, Catholic cathedrals, Lutheran, Pentacostal, Episcopalian . . . most of the other Protestant churches. I even went to Synagogues.

But as I matured, I became connected to the Evangelical Christian movement, eventually finding myself involved with a Full Gospel Christian Businessman's Fellowship.

We met every two weeks for Bible study, discussion and trying to assimilate the Word into our lives. It was a dramatic journey. I studied the Bible intensely. The Holy Spirit was demonstrated for me in praying in Tongues, Faith Healing and what we call Discernment.

I have witnessed Healings that I know were genuine.

I have personally realized the true power of Prayer. I prayed for a second chance after my first marriage failed because I was spiritually lost. I prayed for a wife with green eyes -- and one who was Asian -- and my second wife, Dre, has green eyes and her mother is one half Philippino.

Suffice to say that I feel I am a developed Christian on a continuous path of spiritual growth.

If James' nightmares were truly a manifestation of a past life -- a proof of reincarnation -- then, as I saw it, it would threaten the Biblical promise of Salvation. If the immortal soul can randomly transfer from person to person, generation to generation, then what does that imply for the Christian orthodoxy of Redemption?What happens on Judgment Day if the immortal soul is handed off like that? It goes against the Evangelical teaching of rebirth through a spiritually transformed personal life through Jesus Christ.

The impact of James's story on my spiritual well-being . . . well, it felt like spiritual warfare. My purpose for disproving what was happening to my son was to establish that this was all a coincidence -- as astronomically remote as that possibility seems.

Of course, I was drawn into this by setting up these tests, establishing questions that had to be answered, all the while, I was getting closer and closer to something . . . dangerous . . . it was like putting my hand in a fire . . .