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The Museum of Lost Wonder

by Jeff Hoke

Published by Weiser

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Welcome to Wonder

Open The Museum of Lost Wonder and step into an alternative world full of compelling images, fascinating historical tidbits, and provocative challenges to common myths. Follow your whimsy into this treasure trove to create a place where you can expand your mind. Find your way back to the wonder of your own imagination as you peruse these seven halls:

  • Calcinatio, The Hall of Technology
  • Solutio, The Hall of Aquaria
  • Coagulatio, The Zoological Garden
  • Sublimatio, The Observatory
  • Morificatio, The Mausoleum of History
  • Separatio, The Laboratory of Science and Faith
  • Conjunctio, The Gallery of the Arts

Where Physics Meet Metaphysics

Jeff Hoke blends his knowledge of science and art with his classical studies of 14th-century alchemy and the origins of philosophy and scientific theory, creating exhibits in his "museum" that dazzle the imagination. These magnificent illustrations return us to an era where the physician was also the magician, and the astronomer the astrologer.

Wander the pages of The Museum of Lost Wonder and discover new ways of seeing yourself, your place in the world, and the world itself. Jeff Hoke distills life's big questions into easy, imaginative experiments. Take a mind-expanding romp through the worlds of physics, science, art, alchemy, and metaphysics, a trip that will have you asking -- and answering -- questions about the origins of the universe, as well as your creative mind.

pub date: 2006-08-01 | hardcover | 9781578633647