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The Shaman's Guide to Power Animals

by Lori Morrison

Published by Four Jaguars Press

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All human beings possess a power animal. These animal spirits serve as our protectors, guides, companions and helpers on our spiritual journey. From ancient Egypt to the now emerging contemporary shamanism movement, the embodiment of animal spirits, the power of their symbolism and the profundity of their lessons can bring deeper truths and empowerment. Shamans rely heavily on the guidance and wisdom of power animals and this book is an accumulation of researching the meaning given by shamans all over the world to power animals. The book is then enhanced by the personal experiences of two shamanic practitioners, Lori Morrison and Maya Starhawk who have a combined forty years of experience in working with animal spirits throughout their spiritual evolution. Through the actual channeling of information from each of the animals featured in this guide, the messages to humanity are practical and fresh and a surprising journey into oneself.

Through ancient wisdom and the magic of power animals, this guide will help you to identify, merge with and embrace your human connection to the spirits of almost two hundred animals. These connections can stay with you for a lifetime. This guide will also help you to understand the significance of the animals that appear throughout your life helping you to uncover the many aspects of the human journey and changing the way you see and experience the world.

pub date: 2019-03-19 | | 9780998737898