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Triangle Process to Develop Your Psychic Gifts
By Carole Lynne,
Author of Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World

You've thought about a good friend, only to have the friend call you three minutes later. You've had a dream about another friend that you haven't seen for a long time, and the next day you run into your friend in the shopping center. You've had a gut feeling that you should get involved in a business deal: you follow your hunch and make a lot of money.

When you have these random psychic experiences, a part of your consciousness is able to travel to realms that your conscious mind cannot be aware of. In the psychic realm you become aware that a friend is about to call you on the phone, and three minutes later she calls. During a dream, you visit the psychic realm and become aware that another friend is making plans to go to a shopping center the next day. The part of you that is psychically connecting to your friend's plans makes a decision to go to that shopping center so that you will run into him. And when you have that hunch that you should get involved in a certain business deal, a part of your consciousness is visiting a psychic realm where it is sometimes possible to know the future. In this case, you know the future of this business deal is good, and so you go for it.

While these once-in-a-while psychic experiences are wonderful, many people want to know how they can go beyond the occasional psychic experience, and develop their gifts so that they can use their psychic vision anytime they desire to do so.

A Triangle Process to follow
as you develop your psychic gifts.

We call this a "Triangle Process" as it is a three-step process where each step is as important as the other. You can rotate this triangle, and use whichever step in the process is needed at the moment. Even though psychic experiences are mysterious and mystical, there are very practical things to-do.

One: Your Psychic Detective Reporting Process

Be prepared to take notes about your psychic experiences soon after they occur. Most of us are skeptical and it becomes all too easy several hours after a genuine psychic experience, to change our minds about what actually happened. We tell ourselves "I must have been mistaken. That did not really happen. I can not believe what happened." However, if you have made notes about a psychic flash right after it happens, later on in the day, tomorrow or even next year, you will not be able to deny the experience.

Be prepared to make notes and sketches when you remember a special dream. A special dream is one that feels spiritual in nature, and appears to have psychic messages. (Not all dreams contain psychic insights.) In the early stages of opening up to the psychic aspects of our consciousness, dreams are often our most impressive and memorable ways of receiving information. Not only will it be helpful to make notes about your dreams, but also to drawn sketches of any impressive images or symbols that you remember. You do NOT have to be an artist to draw sketches that are meaningful.

  • At home makes notes in a notebook dedicated ONLY to notations about psychic experiences. Or create a file on your computer.

  • When you are at work, doing errands or anyplace other than home, carry a small notebook in your car. Or carry a small digital recorder and make a report about your experience as if you are a reporter on the scene. Or use your cell phone to leave yourself a voice mail on your landline at home. Later on, transcribe the voice mail into a notebook or computer file.

  • Buy a notebook with plain paper and a set of colored pencils so that you can draw sketches of your dreams in color. If you have a dream about your grandmother and she appears to have gold dust all around her, this is an image you can draw by sketching a simple drawing of a woman and putting the title "grandmother" over the picture. You can use a gold pencil to sketch the gold dust you saw around her. This simple sketch will help you to remember this dream years later.

Two: Use your Psychic On and OFF switches

If you want to open to the psychic aspects of your consciousness, you must specifically turn off the switch that activates your skepticism, and turn on the switch that allows your psychic insights to break through to your conscious mind. While it is good to be a healthy skeptic, it is better to ask the skeptical side of yourself to step aside so that you are able to have psychic experiences. Later on, you can call that skeptical side back in to help you evaluate the psychic insights you have received.

  • Visualize that you have two switches in your unconsciousness mind. Put the word skeptical on one switch and psychic on the other. Create a visualization of yourself turning off the skeptical switch and turning on the psychic switch. This visualization will impress your sub consciousness mind to give your psychic insights the opportunity to break through into your conscious mind.

  • When it is not an appropriate time to be receiving psychic insights, turn off the psychic switch by simply visualizing the psychic switch being turned off. There may be times that you do not want to pick up on everyone's inner feelings as it will be a distraction from a task you need to complete. There will also be times when it is not appropriate for you to be picking up on the feelings of your friends or co-workers.

Three: Work with a good teacher and a group of people with whom you can practice psychic exercises.

Receiving psychic insights can be challenging when we try to go it all alone. We need a good mature teacher with lots of experience to help us evaluate our psychic insights so that we can learn:

  • to tell the difference between a true psychic insight and a fear based vision. (For instance many of us have fear-based visions as we get on a plane, only to arrive safely at our destination.)
  • how to use the switches within our consciousness that turn our psychic insights on and off, and to manage the skepticism switch so that we can be healthy skeptics without allowing our skepticism to put out the fires of psychic passion that are necessary if we are going to open up to our spiritual gifts.
  • to practice using your psychic abilities with others who are also developing their gifts. As a member of a spiritual circle or classroom full of students who gather under the guidance of a good teacher, your psychic abilities will flourish.

Always remember that psychic visions are a spiritual gift. Pray to the God of your understanding or to the Power Greater than yourself, to give you access only to information that is for your highest good and the highest good of others. Say this affirmation daily, and you will not have any problems! On the contrary, you will receive the gift of psychic insights that will allow you to make better choices for your life and be more helpful to all those around you. Appreciate your psychic abilities and say a prayer of thanks. Always remember that you are receiving a gift.

©2009 Carole Lynne, author of Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World

Author Bio

Carole Lynne
is the author of Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World. She is also the author of the award winning book Consult Your Inner Psychic, and How to Get a Good Reading From a Psychic Medium. To learn more about Carole Lynne visit or