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Does Your Inside, Match Your Outside?
By John Spencer Ellis,
Co-Author of The Compass

One of the things I love about the work that I do is that it's all encompassing. Fitness isn't just about being physically fit. It's about your mind, body, and soul. If even one of those areas is off balance, your life will feel out of sync, because you are one being, and it's important not to neglect any part of you.

Does your inside, match your outside? 

As a fitness expert for decades, I've coached men and women to get themselves in the ultimate shape, from the inside out. Exercise is an important part of life, and how you fuel your body, affects your mind, the way you operate and function, and how well you can perform in all areas of your life. Your body is your temple, a machine, and how well you energize it and fuel it determines how well it works! It sounds simple, but if it were, the diet and fitness industry wouldn't be as massive as it is today! 

When someone wants to improve their physical fitness, there are often other areas that need improvement as well. Whether it's an everyday person with a normal job or a television personality -- we're all human. We all have the same core issues and needs.

When I worked with one of The Real Housewives of Orange County cast members Jeanna Keough, I focused on the inside, as well as the outside. She'd been in the throes of a divorce, and the resulting feelings and trauma from that would naturally take a toll. 

It's important not to overlook what is going on inside someone, when you're coaching them on external changes. It's all integrated, and who we are inside, affects who we are outside. Exercise is an important part of life, yet one of the hallmarks of depression is an inactive lifestyle. Psychologists will tell you that it's hard for someone who is depressed to think about moving. But moving is exactly what's needed to lift your mood, and create the physical changes you desire. Even in the darkest valley of your life, it's important to see the light, and reach for it. Often that's the first step in mental and physical wellness. 

One important and still relevant life lesson stems from the old term no pain, no gain. Throughout the peaks and valleys in your life you'll discover that true strength comes from the ashes of struggle. This is the same way with physical fitness and it's a big focus in my training and coaching programs, because a lot of people are trying to understand how to get from where they are, to where they want to be. How do you get out of debt, shed 50 pounds, and achieve the life of your dreams? It seems impossible when you're in the pit of depression, when you're in debt, when you're overweight, or struggling. But it's all possible, and I coach people how to take one day, and one step at a time to transform.


Step 1: Take action in your life today.

You must be willing to let go of the life that you have (or some things within it) in order to grasp the life ahead of you, the life you are destined for! This lesson is about letting go, and moving on. It's about taking action in order to live the life of your dreams!

Are there people, places, or even things you need to let go of? Make a list today and you'll be amazed at how this one simple act ignites transformation. Once you do you are free to take action towards your dreams because you're moving in the right direction, without any anchors or unnecessary baggage.

Step 2: Keep moving.

Movement is about creating inertia, in your body, mind and soul. When you move mentally, you create change. When you move physically, your external body transforms!

There is power, in movement. 

Exercise increases blood flow to the brain and body. That increases the amount of oxygen and removes cellular waste products. Physical exercise causes the lungs to draw in extra oxygen to bathe the tissues and help power the heart. Exhalation removes carbon dioxide, and waste products from biochemical reactions. It's the same when you exercise your mind and take steps towards your dreams. When you take action, instead of waiting to attract something, your life unfolds and things start to happen!

Step 3: Take a holistic approach.

Don't allow yourself to focus too much on one area, only. Give yourself a brief assessment. Are you in the best mental, and physical shape you could be in? If not, what can you do to change? Taking a moment to pause, and think about the condition of your body mind and soul, will help you stay balanced and healthy in all areas. Taking a holistic approach means understanding what's out of balance in your life.

Step 4: Get into a routine.

Successful people who live healthy lives have learned to incorporate some sort of routine in their day. That's because consistent healthy patterns on a daily basis, create the foundation for real growth and success. Add physical and mental fitness to your schedule. Focus on your physical routine (exercise) as well as your mental routine (reading a positive book, affirmations, or studying something that will expand your mind).

Step 5: Re-wire your mind.

Program your brain for healthy thoughts! Listen to positive music, ipod downloads, and CD's in the car. Your thoughts drive your future, and if you tend to process things negatively, be self-aware enough to turn that around. Top athletes like Tiger Woods, are masters of their minds, focusing on positive thoughts, concentration, and mental management. Having a healthy and positive outlook is essential for your best life.

Getting Mentally Fit and Physically Fit

In life, your mental and physical routines should be intertwined. One thing affects the other, and even if you're physically fit on the outside, it's important to be just as physically fit on the inside. Ask yourself today, does your inside, match your outside?The benefits of a regular fitness program are increased muscle mass, toned legs, buttocks, arms, abs, and healthier looking skin. But the benefits of paying attention to your emotional and intellectual state of mind are a healthier outlook on life, and more positive relationships in life, and also in business. When I coach someone in fitness, I always emphasize the power of routines, and a holistic mind, body approach.

Are you satisfied with your progress in all quadrants of your life -- physical, spiritual, emotional and financial? If not, what's holding you back? Find your compass, and get in sync. Take steps that will lead you to live the life of your dreams.

©2009 Co-Author John Spencer Ellis, co-author of The Compass

Author Bio
John Spencer Ellis, co-author of The Compass, is an internationally recognized personal development and wellness expert. Aside from holding four degrees, John is a philanthropist, professional speaker, and educator. He is the CEO of the Spencer Institute for Life Coaching and the National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association. John is the creator and executive producer of The Compass movie. He can be reached at

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