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What the Unemployed One Percenters Do
By Tammy Kling,
Co-Author of The Compass

How to find a job and think like a One Percenters during your unemployment. One Percenters are those top one percent of individuals who seem to always achieve, and succeed at whatever they do. They are the ones in this mass population of the unemployed who will get the jobs. And they're the ones who will not only survive, but thrive.

#1: Be different. One percenters are those people who do things differently than the masses. Apply for jobs online, but don't get lost in the crowd. Search for jobs on Facebook, twitter, and other social networking sites as well as the traditional routes. If you do apply for a job online, try to send a handwritten note to the prospective employer with your resume as well, if it's appropriate.

#2: Make a human connection. Don't make it all about you! In this all about me culture, where everyone is tied to their technology, people who can connect with us on a personal level, are more interesting than those who don't. Find different ways to connect, such as applying online and then sending a handwritten note, along with an article, or something the prospective employer might find of interest to them, personally. Find an article about their business or industry in a major business magazine and send it along with your resume, and a personal note! "Thought you'd be interested in this," is a simple way to connect. (and they'll remember you!)

#3: Build your social equity. Connect with new groups of people. Volunteer to help feed the homeless, for instance, and you'll meet all kinds of business people from various industries with a desire to help others. Networking with those who care about others will not only allow you to give back, but will connect you with a new group of people who could assist in your own job search. Now is the time to expand your social network, and build social equity. A friend, a neighbor, or a new contact could be that one person who introduces you to your new employer, or recommends you for a job.

#4: Now is the time to reinvent yourself! During this time of crisis and introspection, take time to think about the big picture of your life. Were you doing the work you were called to do all those years? Are you sure you want to go back to your same industry? Just because you have 15 years of job experience there doesn't mean you have to. You can do anything you want, and now is the time to seriously consider your life's dream. Take any job you can to pay the bills, but think about embarking upon the job of your dreams, and your life's calling, at the same time. Don't miss the bigger message, in this time of reflection.

#5: Re-think the resume. The old way is to state your mission statement, your goal, your experience, and state that references are available upon request. The new way, is to eliminate any extra steps the employer has to take to see how fabulous you are. Make it simple. Include reference quotes on the resume itself, and include at least two letters of reference with the resume! Don't wait for the employer to call, or ask for them.

#6: Find the jobs no one else sees. Many jobs are filled by word of mouth, without ever being posted. Talk to people and connect everywhere you can, and tell everyone you meet you're looking for a job. Plan dinners, lunches, and breakfasts with friends and family to network and socialize, because chances are your job is hidden within one of these connections.

#7: Follow up before they do. If you've had an interview, be sure to send a handwritten thank you note immediately following the interview. Everyone else will send an email, so be sure to follow the normal protocol as well. But normal isn't the answer in a tough job market. One percenters go the extra mile.

#8: Be open minded. Many people are unemployed because of their rigid mindsets. One percenters are flexible, open, and confident enough to try something new. Never been in sales before? Maybe you should try! Be open minded to a new career path and try a job you've never done before. Think of it as a new adventure!

#9: Set specific goals. I will mention my employment search on twenty blogs a day. I will send five resumes a day. I will email 2 CEO's a day. Set specific goals and post them above your desk at home, in order to stay focused on your goal. Routine and persistence pays!

#10: Combine creativity with technology. Start a blog, and post your resume on it. Update it weekly, with informative articles about the industry you're seeking. Put the blog address on your emails to prospective employers, and on your resume as well. It's a great way to showcase who you are. Blogs are a great way for people to get to know you, and that gives you an edge against other candidates who are only sending resumes!

©2009 Co-Author Tammy Kling, co-author of The Compass

Author Bio
Tammy Kling, co-author of The Compass, is an international author, humanitarian, and literary coach who helps guide world changers to create projects that transform. Her books have been translated into several languages and her work has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Dateline NBC, Extra, and Primetime 20/20 among others. The clarity of her life's purpose is to write books that change lives.

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